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PBS 2016: June 5 - 11


State Election Results (2015)

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Commissioner of Agriculture: Zachary Jackson

Adjutant General: Sam Gordon

Superintendent of Education: Nick Stevens

Comptroller General: Hayden Brown

Attorney General: Cade Patterson

State Treasurer: Tanner Byrd

Secretary of State: Arden Gillchrest

Lieutenant Governor: Eric Winter

Governor: Jonathan Cannon

Cooper City Update #4

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As we all got dressed up for Friday night, it failed to hit us that this will be our last night together. During Tucker Hipps memorial, it hit us. The tears came, and the hugs began. A special bond is made at Boys State, and none was stronger than that of the All-Marine City of Cooper. Lasting until 3 a.m., the brothers of Cooper City shared their life stories. We all learned to never judge a book by its cover. We thought we had each other figured out, but we were proved wrong. We all saw first hand that Boys State does change lives. It gives boys hope and it turns them into men.
You matter boys of Cooper. And if you ever feel like you don’t, you remember that there are 48 other boys who love you and who believe you will do big things. Remember to be the change you wish to see in the world. Good luck boys.
-Coleman Habib(Cooper City)

Chattooga update (2015) #7 Thursday morning and afternoon

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This morning and afternoon was the most rigorous and exciting time to hit the citizens of Chattooga so far in Boys’ State. We started off with the results of the finalists from each of the party primaries. Chattooga is proud to announce that Heidon Brown, a fellow Chattoogan, won the nomination to run for the position of Comptroller General on behalf of the Federalist party. All of the citizens of Chattooga are immeasurably proud of Brown for beating out as many as eight or more other Federalist candidates for the position.

Next, Chattooga took the annual PBS academic test. All were allowed to use their cell phones and friends. Many Chattoogans are more than confident that they passed the examination.

With the Primaries out of the way, Chattoogans and hundreds of other citizens went to the site of the official PBS “Donut Mile.” The event was grand in scale, with hundreds taking part in the record-breaking attempt. Donuts were plentiful, cheer abounded, and happiness wafted through the air. Special shout out to Nick Larson who, along with twenty-three other PBS citizens, ran the “Donut Mile” with a time of 5:06.

Chattoogans have never been more hyped now to get All Marine city. After yesterday’s rather disappointing conclusion, Senior Councilor “Lieutenant” Daniel Sechtin and Junior Councilors Graham Pitman and Anthony Hill re-electrified Chattooga’s spirit and hyped the citizens up for a reckoning come Thursday afternoon.

Remarks from our Citizens:

  • “Today was a good and exciting day. The ‘Super Hot John’ shot was fun and winning a seat on senate was great. “- John Gunthrie (N)