One of the secrets of success for the Palmetto Boys State program is the group of outstanding counselors who love the program and enjoy working with South Carolina’s future leaders.

Each city is assigned one Senior Counselor and two to three Junior Counselors. Each counselor is a former citizen who participated and excelled while a citizen with Palmetto Boys State. Senior Counselors are the leaders of the city and take on administrative and leadership duties and responsibilities. Junior Counselors are assigned to one of the two political parties and assist the Senior Counselors in any duties delegated to them. They also assist the staff with their respective party functions.

Each county is assigned a County Adviser. The County Advisers are on the staff level and are not assigned to a political party and will take only a limited part in political activities during the week. The County Advisers will work with the cities in guiding the citizens, assist with various county meetings, and assist the counselors during the week with any potential problems.