The Palmetto Boys State staff is made up of former citizens and counselors who excelled in the program and have returned year after year to participate.

Current staff members have been with the program ranging from 5 to 40+ years. Most, if not all, of the staff members participated in the program as a citizen, junior counselor, and senior counselor. Staff is divided into administrative staff (directors, office personnel, and Anderson University personnel), instructional staff(media school, criminal justice academy, law school, and classroom instructors), and advisory staff(county advisers and party advisers). Each staff member has unique gifts and talents that when coupled with their intimate experience with the program results in the ability to put on an exciting and rewarding program for each citizen.


  • 50+ staff members, comprised almost entirely of former Boys Staters dating back
    to the 1960s.
  • As leaders and volunteers still active in their communities, staff members are
    constantly building and strengthening the program throughout the year.
  • Attorneys, businessmen, entrepreneurs, educators, doctors, judges, law enforcement,
    clergymen, college students, and more all make up the staff of Palmetto Boys State.
  • In addition, we utilize university staff personnel for facility operations.
  • American Legionnaires are the backbone of our program, and their example and guidance
    help fuel our purpose.