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PBS 2018: June 10 - 16

City Election Results (2017)

City Election Results Ashley City Mayor: John Ammons (F) Mayor Pro-temp: John Bell (N) City Council: Wade Friday (F) Tanner Collins (F) David Jeffrey (F) Conner Dunlap (F) Noah Sheriff (F) Nyckolas Johnson (F) Catawba City Mayor: Caleb Brezeale (F) Mayor Pro-temp: Trenton Gambrell (N) City Council: Trevor Madden (F) Jake Shubert (N) Rayce Gibson (N) Zach Dunbar...

State Election Results (2017)

State Election Results Governor: Will Galloway Lieutenant Governor: Wilson Spearman Secretary of State: Jerome Richardson III State Treasurer: Adam Ziff Comptroller General: Ben Murray Superintendent of Education: Caleb Smith Attorney General: Dylan Rush Commissioner of Agriculture: Weston Whitfield Adjutant General: Clayton Barnes

County Election Results (2017)

County Election Results Hampton County State Senate: Leon Dorch (N) Bill Metts (F) Aman Pitalia (F) Campbell Smith (F) Jacolby Kearse (N) House of Representatives: Will Douglas (N) Duval McCoy (F) Malik Priester (N) Micah Buckley (F) Zach Herman (F) Chase Haywood (F) Whit Larlee (F) Joshua Cherry (N) John Martin (F) Matheson Wannamaker (F) County Council: Mason...