Let one week begin your life!
PBS 2016: June 5 - 11

What To Expect

Palmetto Boys State provides the opportunity for you to gain more in-depth training and hands-on experience in one of three specific areas of government.  We run three “schools” at Boys State.  A law school, media school, and a criminal justice (law enforcement) school.  These schools will be interspersed with the other activities and continue throughout the week.  The goal is to provide both traning and the opportunity for you to actually take on the role of lawyers, judges, police officers, reporters, and news editors.  Early in the week, you will be given more information and the opportunity to choose whether you would like to attend one of these schools.  Please be thinking of your particular area of interest and be prepared to make your choice.  In connection with the media school, if you have special gifts and skills as a photographer and want to work in that area please bring your camera.

In case you’re wondering we’ve put together a top-ten list of things to expect from your experience at Palmetto Boys State.

10. Knowledge about your state and local government that you might not have had prior to Palmetto Boys State.
9. Some great ideas on how to develop and deliver a speech.
8. Information from some of our state’s greatest leaders, and maybe even a handshake from one of them!
7. Pride in your Boys State City (and probably a sore throat from yelling so much)!
6. A whole lotta laughs (usually at the expense of your staff and counselors)!
5. Great food at AU’s dining hall.  No, really, we’re serious!
4. Long-lasting friendships between you and guys from across our great state.
3. A great extracurricular activity to put on your college application and your resume.
2. The best staff and group of counselors anyone could ever assemble.
And the number one thing you can expect from your experience at Palmetto Boys State…….
1. Meeting up with all the lovely ladies from Palmetto Girls State on Friday!!